Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Opening hours

Opening hours are Wednesday 10am-12pm and Saturday 2pm-4pm. Please consider the volunteers and their children and complete your borrowing 15 minutes prior to closing.

Toy returns – cleaning and missing bits

Recently we have had a couple of instances of toys and boxes being obviously broken but not acknowledged at return. It is completely fine that things get broken and parts get lost, but please let your shift volunteers know this so the toy doesn’t get checked out again/ isn’t fixed or retirned.
Please make every effort to:
  • check toys are complete when you borrow them
  •  return toys complete; and
  • if you do lose parts, report this when you return the toy. You may be asked to hang onto the toy and look under the couch again rather than the toy re-entering the system incomplete.
  • If a toy does get broken, please advise a volunteer when you return it and we can arrange for a fix or replacement.


We love and need our volunteers! Please contact us by email <> if you’d like to help out. Its fun for the whole family (really!) We are getting good feedback that having more people on a shift is working well, so please consider helping out and having a good time at the same time :-)

Like us on Facebook

Become a friend of Meg's and get the latest news on the toy library. It's a quick and easy way of getting updates and checking out new toys. Give our page a thumbs up and spread the good word among your online buddies!

Working bees & annual stocktake

Working bees are scheduled to keep on top of out toys in terms of new toy cataloguing and maintenance. We would love as many volunteers as possible on these days - it's fun, you get to meet great people and get first options on new toys as they are introduced to the toy library.  
Each year we bring all the toys in to be cleaned and checked for safety. I find stocktaking a fun, social way to be a part of the Meg’s Toy Box community.  It’s also essential for maintaining our insurance records. Most of the stocktake shifts are in January 2016, between 5 and 16.  We’ve also put on a few early bird shifts in December 2015 – on the days that we’re accepting toy returns.  In January 2016 there’s a mix of day time shifts (kid-friendly) and evening shifts (kid-free). We can’t run Meg’s Toy Box without the stocktake process.  Please sign-up here for one or two shifts:

Temporary Memberships

Unfortunately Meg's Toy Box is unable to provide temporary or short-term membership. If you are in Canberra for only a short time try Tiny's Green Shed in Mitchell for a large range of pre-loved toys, or try Noah's Ark Toy Library in Rivett