Welcome to meg's toy box!


Meg's Toy Library offers toys, puzzles and games for children aged from three months to five years. Toys can be hired for as little as 50 cents per week to member families. We strive to provide toys that are non-branded, durable and supportive of child development. Meg's Toy Library is a not-for-profit community organisation run by members, volunteers and a management committee.

We welcome new members and are always looking for volunteers, so please contact us via Megstoybox@gmail.com

Ten reasons to join our toy library!

  1. Save money on toys that children quickly outgrow

  2. Involve your child in choosing toys, without spending up big

  3. Expose your child to a wide variety of educational toys

  4. Explore new ideas and age appropriate toys and games for your child

  5. Reclaim your storage space (and sanity) by reducing the need to find toy storage solutions

  6. Meet and socialise with other families in the area

  7. Enjoy being a part of the community by volunteering along with other members

  8. Check out baby toys, imagination play, big toys, puzzles, water play activities and much more available to hire

  9. Our toys are safe, durable, good quality, imaginative, innovative, brand neutral and non-gendered where possible

  10. We have cake tins available for hire